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So I bought a gibson 1960s j45 custom shop yesterday and I saw this inside the soundhole. I just want to ask if this is okay? will it affect the tone of my guitar?


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If it’s loose and can vibrate when played would be what I’d worry about with this one in terms of sound. But I’ll bet that guitar wasn’t cheap so depends what you’re willing to live with given an exchange or return is on the table for you. In all reality the guitar isn’t going to completely fall apart because of that. Good looking over on the acoustic though. 

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If you bought it brand new, just return it.    Is it the end of the world?  Probably not...    But, did you just pay a heck of a lot of money for a guitar built by the Gibson Custom Shop that is supposedly  "...the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence"  - You should not have to "settle" for any imperfections.   Plus, if that thing starts buzzing away after the return period is over, you are really gonna be mad..    Just what I would do.....  

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15 hours ago, despisegod said:

the guitar sounds nice and theres no buzzing im just curious why its cracked and the others were okay

That don't look really "right" to me.  I would think that any competent repair tech would be able to diagnose that properly and perhaps just secure it with some kind of glue so it won't be an issue down the road.  

BUT That said,  I think with the money you had to part with to buy this, ,maybe worth asking some questions.   I would check with the shop/place you purchased it from before they forget about you.



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That's not really a problem. If you love the guitar and you don't want to return it, just have it glued. It is not really a structural issue, just a small split from the spruce brace. I think a luthier will tell you the same. You could glue it as well, but you might make a mess. A good luthier will glue it back and you won't see a thing.

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