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New (to me) Les Paul


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Newbie to the forum.  Picked up a 2000 Les Paul Standard yesterday.  Dark Burst (?)  year 2000 according to the serial number.  Plays great might need a fret polish if anything.  Love it so far.  It came with 498t/ 490r pickups, is there a not so hot pickup Gibson offers I could drop in the bridge?  I have Duncan Antiquities in my other Les Paul, just looking for a little difference in sound.  










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Hello and welcome.

Nice guitar you have. Happy playing [thumbup]   I have a LP Classic in a darkburst like that. Darkburst is a little generic but works. Some are known as tobacco burst.. They have had all sorts of weird names for their colour schemes over the years.

As for pickups you want something like a 57 classic. Have to be one of my favourites. Also, I think and this is totally subjective that a PIO cap makes pickups sound a bit warmer..  But I have never been sure if thats just in my head or not  🙂 


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On 5/3/2023 at 11:05 AM, kidblast said:

Nice LP!  Nice tobacco burst on that

I also really like the 57s too.

I have a few Gibbies with the 490/498  and I like those too.

Thank you.  I bought a DiMarzio 36th anniversary for the bridge and installed it yesterday.   So far I’m liking it.  

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