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picked up an interesting pick


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Pretty pointy!

I have nickel finger picks for my square neck, and they sound great on the strings, but have never been able to get the same awesome tone with an acoustic. Resonators simply have that special "it" factor.

I have tried a few silver coins for a pick with pretty good effect, too.

I heard Gibbons used to use an old silver peso for a pick.

Try it out!

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EVH had a thick metal pick for certain uses. He would also chew on it.

I ended up at around 1.0, but I'm all acoustic these days. Had I continued gigging electrics, I doubt I would have landed at 1.0. Maybe.

I have noticed the picks with the best tone are not the fastest, and the fastest ones don't create the best tone.

Obviously, tone is subjective to resistance. And density. That's why Bluechip picks sound so good on acoustics and mandolins. Density and resistance.

But the Wegens handle better and they aren't dense for crap. But they handle like a sportscar.

Dear Santa,

I want a silver pick that handles like a Wegen and sounds better than a Bluechip for Christmas.

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10 hours ago, sparquelito said:

It's almost fitting.

I'm looking at that pick, and JFK definitely lost part of his head.

(Too soon?)
I can never tell.

I'm gonna shut up now.


The question is, who was actually responsible.....?

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