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Special Gibson J60 for Sweetwater

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Sorry but just going by looks (which is obviously all I got to go on) this one does not even come close to getting me to break my self-imposed guitar exile.   If nothing ese it is not the best-looking burst I have run across.  But give me one with a small amber center surrounded by all that black and you will pretty much send me running for the drool bucket.

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I would not kick that one out of bed for eating cookies.  Would hope the face, given the small burst, has some depth to the grain though - some translucence. Otherwise - it is different enough from my wee three guitars - to really give me something new and exciting.  But, as with ZW I'm in new guitar exile. 

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In the 90s these came out. Not a bad guitar.    I was not sure of the direction Gibson was going with these though.  

AJs fit the bill for decent guitars. And these are not of the same tone.  It may have to do with the scale length. From what I could hear.   I think these were to steer folks away from D-28s 

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