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1) what happened with axe?

2) lets see the collection. i wonder if he has a collection as nice as the guy who owns the white R9?


Not a chance, nothing beats or even comes close to a white R9, specially if you consider it was a white r9 that costed the guy 0 bucks, as it was just left there by his bandmates after they comited colective suicide.

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J.I.D.I.M.B.? He pissed off AXE (haven't seen AXE lately)' date=' and hasn't returned to the forums yet to show us his guitar collection...[/quote']


I missed all of that. I'm not here much during the summer. (daylight, and all....).


AXE is probably casing his house.


AXE will be back, and hesus will be gone. Soon.

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