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So this is Southern California?


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If the sh!t hit the fan where you're sitting, I'd rather have YOU on my team than the old guy wearing the t-shirt that 'identifies' him as a 'professional' security dude. 95% of those guys are a joke.


They're PAID to write down license plate numbers and give descriptions.

Dangerous stuff....



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I am so looking forward to my trip to Los Angeles and Orange County Wednesday.

I'm going to UCLA Med Center and then it's off to TrueTone Music and a couple other shops in Santa Monia.

Then off to Huntington Beach and Garden Grove for the afternoon and dinner.

Then it's off to Alice In Chains at the Avalon in Hollywood.

Going to be good to set foot on my home turf again.

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Never got north to L.A. too much, used to like Oceanside, Carlsbad, lived in La Jolla (pronounced hoya), Julian in the mountains, hung out at a bar in Mission Beach called "Coasters". Used to go to Imperial Beach to drink beers and watch the Seals train, Coronado, Chula Vista, La Mesa, kinda miss it.

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HB is so close to me.


99 Cent Store has the best Cup O' Noodles in town.


I was just in Hollywood/ LA yesterday. Traffic was intense. And yes. There is no parking whatsoever. It's probably the best place to get in a fender bender I can think of.


Wanna hang out? I've got weed...

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I lived in LA for two years.

living in a cess pool.

Heh' date=' heh...

How's it compare to Chicago?


Been there a few times too, just sayin'....





Fact of the matter - I'm just not a city guy.

The older I get the less patience I have with it.


15 years in Houston ([b']CESS POOL[/b]) and then moved to the Phoenix area in 2001.

Love the area, sick of Phoenix.


I don't go to town much.

I like elbow room, horizons with nothing but countryside and birds as far as the eye can see.

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