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Standard vs. Special SG


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The Specials are usually made from 3/4/5 pieces of wood. On most I've seen, especially on the Special Faded models, they're pretty much all 5 piece bodies. Most Standards tend to be 1 or 2 piece.


Blackie's right about the pickups and fingerboard. Standard also has inlaid Gibson logo instead of the Silkscreen of the Special. You also get a Hardcase with the Standard where as the Special comes with only a Giggidybag.


My vote... Standard.

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These guys answered it plain and simple.

My vote' date=' go for the standard.[/quote']


Totally agree the above and other comments,get the standard.

There are some nice specials out there of course, but a lot of people get a special and then fairly soon, wish they'd got a standard,start modifying it (pickup covers etc) to make it look more like a standard/, change pickups etc.

I also found that the neck was a little thicker on the the special, or at least it definitely felt like it(and not in a nice way).

I'll throw you a curved ball here though, a lot of guys here rave about the SG classic, which (if I'm right) lies between the special and standard in terms of price.It has P90 pickups, and has (I think a bound neck, but dot inlays), It certainly isn't considered to be a "second best" option by most.

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I have an SG classic, and it took me a good thirty minutes of side by side to tell the difference (In feel) between that and an SG standard at my local shop. The Classic won. Big time. The Standard was an incredible guitar, of course (That was the one that originally made me want an SG of any kind), but the Classic both sounds better, and, ultimately, felt better too. It may not have the trapezoid inlays, but that isn't exactly the most important thing when you're playing, is it =P It really is a glorious guitar.


Edit: And finally, this was all even, with the classic being 500 dollars less. You need a good 1100$ to get a good one online, and more like 1900 for one in an offline store. I paid 610 for my classic. That's 500 less online (Already almost as much less as I paid in the first place) and 1300 less offline (More than double)

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Of course, a lot of it varies with factory inconsistencies.


I've played custom shop SGs that felt much worse than my Standard and lower cost models that felt great.


I've played a Classic and a Standard that both felt like crap. And of course I've played SGs of all sorts that just blew mind (why I bought my Standard).


The bottom line is that the better models such as the Classic, Standard, '61 RI, and custom models will all feel more consistently better, but there will always be some duds. It's important to play as many of whatever you're looking for as possible to find the one that really shines.


So I don't think playing 2 guitars from a line and comparing them is fair. Unless they're 2 really great ones.


(by the way I'm not saying custom shop models and classics or standards are no good. I love them.)

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I was hoping someone could shed some light on the true differences between a Standard and a Special- are there significant electronic or wood quality differences' date=' or are they mostly cosmetic?[/quote']

I say mainly cosmetic. With the right amp they both sound amazing.


To show you check out these videos below.


The first is a Gibson SG Custom Shop Reissue. Top of the line guitar. Better than the Standard you could say.






next up, Gibson USA SG Special






They both sound great, so I say the difference is cosmetic and a few $100


Look how great the Special sounds compared to the Custom Shop VOS Reissue.

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