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Check Your Boots


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Haven't warn them in a while?

Better give them a thorough going over.

My work boots were in the garage for several months.

Figured I better check them very closely.

Glad I did.

Found a big Black Widow nestled down in between the tongue and the boot side and under the strings.

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When I moved to Arizona, I got lotsa helpful advice about ALWAYS shaking out my shoes to avoid scorpions.


I was already in the habit for a similar reason.


In Houston - and all along the gulf coast - cockroaches are the size of cigarette lighters.

They love to crawl into your boots and shoes and often cannot get out.


They're filled with a substance I would say is somewhere between mayo and Moon Pie creme filling.

You feel that slimey sh!t ooze thru your sock one time....



Good luck cleaning it out in the dark wee hours before you leave for work.




To add to that I might get a brutally painful sting from a scorpion that responds to no medical treatment....


And if travelling, NEVER leave your suitcase open and always hang your clothes.

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i've spent a fair bit of time in the tropics where spiders, scorpions and centipedes grow to monstrous sizes. and they just love to crawl into footwear .

as a matter of habit, i put my shoes on top of the dresser at night, and still shake them out in the morning whenever i'm in those regions.

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