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The "Thundergod's rig for tonight" thread


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I have a gig tonight and Im taking the supersonic with a 4x12 cab, thing I almost never do as I dont like to lug around so much stuff (specially since I dont like to leave stuff there, I always take my stuff with me when I leave). I'll use the amp's distortion/overdrive and a couple of pedals:



Morley bad horsie 2 wah->

TC electronic distortion/booster->

Marshall Regenerator (I hardly ever use modulation so that pedal comes in handy, I can chose between 6 types of modulation and I'll only use the vintage chorus setting for 2 songs at the begining of the show and the flanger for the end song)->

Fender Supersonic->

BOSS DD20GigaDelay (amps fx loop)->

OAG 4x12 cabinet, which sadly doesnt have the same finish as the head, loaded with 4 screaming eagles from eminence (it's a hard rock/heavy metal band hence the choice of speakers).



I am not part of the band, I play lead for them when they have shows as they have 1 guitar player who also sings a little and most of their recorded songs have 2 guitars or more. There will be a complete light set and great PA, they hope to have 300 people in there, I think it will be more like 100, 150 tops :D but I asked for a couple of things anyway, one of which is to have thunder/lighting in the back screen, with white lights going on and off and fog everywhere for the begining of a solo that starts really slow and dark, and they agreed! #-o (the other stuff I asked for, has to do with food and drinks :-#)

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How did the gig go Thundergod?


Hey Cali-man thanks for asking, the show was reat, the guys delivered: almost 300 people in there, lots of black t-shirts and some already knew a couple of the songs:d/


The show was great, a new band oppened with 4 songs that were good, but that band needs to work on their sound a lot, and with 3 guitar players that don't know their place there was lead all over the place :D, all of them were compiting against each other which was kind of sad, all of them played great but not knowing their place costed the band a lot.




Now me, for the first time in years I was a little nervous,dont know why, maybe because it's the first time in years I play live with a metal band... sound testing went ok earlier and I knew the songs (all of them were recorded in my studio and I helped with some guitar parts). The sound was amazing, the lights worked as desired, the back screen was a little hard to see clearly because of the artificial fog. The guys played really well, I ****ed up a couple of solos but no one seemed to notice, the other guitar player even told me he liked what I did for one of them (he thought I was improvising, lucky me :-k).


Thundergodess took 4 small videos but you cannot even hear the drums, you can only hear people screaming which is a good thing all things considered. Ill see if there's a solo in any of them so I can post it.

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