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Please help with this decision guys?


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Hi guys,


I am trying to decide between a Gibson SG Special Faded and a Gibson Les Paul Junior as a third guitar (mainly to ease the load a bit on my best guitars) and wondered if you could give me any advice on the SG or the Junior.


I have heard many people say that the SG is unusual to play due to being quite 'neck heavy'? I'm not sure I like the sound of that because I once owned an original Hofner Shorty (which has a very small body) which is also very neck heavy and I couldn't get on with it at all!


I will mainly be playing the guitar seated (normally without a strap) and was wondering how this problem is likely to hinder my playing?


I realise, sound wise, the SG would be the more versatile of the two guitars but I do like the simple looks of the Junior!


Please help guys!!



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What are your other two guitars?


I actually have three other guitars that I use. They are;


1999 Fender USA Stratocaster with S1 switching system (10 pickup switching options) and noiseless pickups.

2008 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

1957 reissue USA Stratocaster


I basically just wanted something a little less expensive that I could use to just to save playing my favorite expensive (expensive to me at least) guitars all of the time.


I've narrowed it down to these two but now I keep swinging from one to the other and can't decide which way to go?



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Why did you decide on either the SG or Junior?

They are so different. Is it price?


If it's just about price and easing the wear on your other guitars, pick one you like best then get a cheaper version (ie. Traditional LP vs. LP Studio). But the thing with all these guitars you mentioned, is the cheaper versions are not going to feel and perform the same. If you like the Les Paul best (as I do) then why not an LP Studio? I guess from the guitars you listed, that would be the compromise I could most live with.


For me, I play whichever of my guitars I want, whenever I want, museum piece or not. Sure, my favorites get the most wear but hey, this is life, right?

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