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My god...these amps sound godly!


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Green amps...just murder clean tone.

Green amps are handwired amps made for metal...mostly stoner metal or doom metal.

Just listen to these things!





Heres a link to the website: http://www.greenamps.com/catalog.html



2nd video is the best.

Now i know most of you guys wont like this becuase all you care about is clean tone...well i really dont care what you think.

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I do.

I go to church once in a while and im catholic.

What makes you think i didnt?

I remember you saying something about it, maybe I'm thinking of someone else.


I'm catholic too, go to church every week, I find it relaxing.

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I thought the playing in both videos kindof sucked... Sorry.


I bet they sound badass in real life though. I would just crank that thing and bust out "Into the Void" and "Sweet Leaf". Probly a little "Fairies Wear Boots" too.


I played a LP Special with p90s running into a cranked up Orange stack one time. It was SO AWESOME. It is the most badass tone ever!

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