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What is this?

Tim Plains

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OK, I'm not really a Nickelback fan.


Anyways, I did a

search on them and their guitarist has a LP gold top with only three volume/tone knobs and a switch where the missing knob would be.


It's not a BFG, if it is, he's done a fair bit of work to it.


You can see it fairly well around 30 - 35 seconds into the video.


Any idea what this is...is it rare? I've never seen a GT like it before.

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It looks like one of the knobs is missing. If you look close you can see the little pot knob.


Nickleback is fine untill he starts to sing! I feel the same way about GNR. As soon as Axyl starts to sing

with that nasely whine I tune out.


Again, to fans of these groups...Its my opinion. :-$

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Yeah' date=' youtube videos aren't the best quality.


Aaresz, it is a Gibby. There's another video of the same concert and you can see the Gibson on the headstock. That was the first thing I did...check other videos to see if I could find the headstock.[/quote']


I'm sorry, I wasn't clear as to what I meant. I agree it is a Gibson, I meant to say that in addition to the Gibson script there looks to be something else more defined than the regular Les Paul signature. Possibly a supreme, or custom.

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