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How do I know if a stand is "Nitro-friendly"..?


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100% cotton.



Anything else is trouble.


Don't believe the advertisements claiming otherwise for any products with foam on them.

They want to sell you a stand, and they don't give a rats *** about your guitar.

It's true.


Go to Wal Mart and buy a couple of the cheapest big thick white cotton towels you can find and cut 'em up.


Check the link in my signature, you'll see what I did inside my big cabinet.

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Not if they care about their stock.

My dealer has little furry covers on his hangers for nitro guitars. He has over 100 Gibson Les Pauls hanging there.

Some new ones have hung in there for 4 years and now have a little rash at the nut.

Not bad, but you can see it.


The whole idea at a dealer is nothing stays in the store more than a few months or they blow it out.

Not my dealer.

New is new and his guitars are pristine. Find a flaw and he'll deal a little but his prices rock already.

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Oh yeah - absolutley - my baby rests in her case too. But I can be in the studio for a few hours at a time, re-positioning mics, queing tracks, visiting the little boys room etc..... It's just nice to pop her on a stand when that happens.


I'm pushed for space so can't keep the case open on the floor to lay her in when I'm not playing.


And of the session = wipe, say goodbye, and put in case.

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I wrapped my stands in cotton...black cotton.


Two of you mentioned white cotton only.

Are you guys saying that even black cotton is no good?


How do you know you can trust the dye?

There's only one way to find out - the HARD way.

Black dye - white finish? What color is your guitar?


If it works, good for you. Wool should work too, it's not petroleum based like ALL synthetic foams.


I saw a new SG Custom (White, gold, 3 pickups) shipped in a Gibson case from the factory.

IT WAS WRAPPED IN PAPER inside the case!

I was there when they opened it, fresh off the truck from Gibson.

My dealer told me that was not unheard of, if Gibson gets a few shipped back for discoloration.


Another advantage with white cotton is you can bleach to hell out of it to clean it.

That's why it's so widely used.

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