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I traded my SC245 for another SC245. The old one played & sounded great and gave me massive GAS pains the first time I saw it but I just wanted something different and let her go. Here's the old one - what do you guys think of it? You can be honest now that it's gone...lol. By the way, if any of you guys here like PRS guitars, you have to try one with 57/08 pickups. Good Gawd, they are amazing!



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2009 25th anniversary SC, Sunburst finish, from The Guitar Shop in Mississauga, ON. Thank you Brent! I went in there a few weeks ago and it caught my eye but I didn't want to pick it up. I was in there again last week and again, the same thing - I didn't want to pick it up. I made the mistake of picking it up today. A great resonant and (unplugged) loud guitar. 7.7 lbs, according to the dealer.


The first thing I thought was that the gold pickup covers had to go but they've already grown on me in the few hours that I've had it and it actually looks really classy as it. Does that mean I'm getting older?


rocketman, I love your new PRS but if I may make one suggestion - replace the truss rod cover with one that's rosewood. What do you think - look better? If you prefer the rosewood TRC look, let me know and I'll give you the name of the eBay store I bought mine from. I sent him a picture of my other rosewood headstocks and he actually went through the trouble of picking out the ones that matched best. Not for this SC but for my other two rosewood headstocks. The one here is just a spare I bought but I'll try to get one that matches.


Anyways, enough talk - I'm rambling now...


The burst is fantastic in person!! Pictures do not do it justice. No flash - just overhead lighting.

I'm a little surprised that this is not a 10 top but I guess the second last picture shows why.













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Oh sure I go and get a 25th Anniversary and now you just HAD to have one (he he he). My honest opinion is that the 57/08 pickups are really great. It's all taste though. The pure metal player probably won't like them IMHO. Can't say you made a bad swap. In my opinion every PRS is worth it. I do love the finish. If it ain't a 10 top, then it's pretty darn close. I also think that the brush gold pickup covers are very classy. The shadow birds are very classy too. I'm sure yours doesn't have a scratch on the fretboard either. They really pay attention to detail!!


I'll need to think about the rosewood truss cover. Right now I'm too busy staring at the body and playing her! Anyhow, congrats on a great guitar...

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Cheers guys.


rocket, sorry!! :- You're right - the pickups are not for metal; they're PAF type pickups and do what they're suppose to do very well. The birds are really cool. I thought they were regular newer hollow birds but (as you know) they're not. Very cool looking up close. Fit & finish is perfect, as with nearly every other PRS.


XDemonknight, the few Miras I've tried were really good. The only reason I don't have one is because they don't come with the wide/fat neck.


SGSpecialguy, PRS' 57/08 and 59/09 pickups have that etching on the covers. The first ones in 2008 (I believe) did not but they all do now.


SHO, do you see those two outer holes on the back of the bridge? Those adjust the intonation.

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