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I know lately I've been raving about my new Telecaster but it hasn't replaced my baby. After being neglected for weeks I plugged her in and cranked up the Vox. Now I remember why I love this thing so much. It fits like a glove. It's beautiful. And it sounds amazing. It has such a great sound I cant explain it.


Anyways I love the Tele. Wouldn't have bought it if I didn't. But I will never ever part with my SG. It is MY guitar. Definately my number 1.


Ehh.. For old times sake.



And of course with BB3...


Low res iPhone pics but you get the picture.

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Guest BentonC

Beautiful guitar! I will always love the way SGs sound and feel as well. I can play any other guitar and have a great time, but SGs just feel and sound perfect to me.

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Brenton- I agree. There's just something about this one in particular (to me at least)


Cb- I was actually looking for one of those on eBay before I picked up my Tele. I figured I already have the SG covered right now so I should go for something completely different. But no... you can't have too many SGs.


Big K- Thanks [biggrin]


And Murph- fear not.

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Well they sure are hard to find! All you can find are the (also Japanese built) Elitist SGs. Yours is much cooler IMO.


Does yours have a one piece body?


Thanks, Dub...


No, it's two piece...seamed right down the middle...and done so well, I had a Heck of time finding it.

Only by examining, the back end, could I finally see where they matched up...and even there, it was

not all that obvious. Really well done! From the top and back, it's nearly impossible...even when you

know where it is, to see it. Was said to have a "Nitro" finish, as well. There were 2 versions, with the

same headstock, but a slightly different "Epiphone" script, in the logo, to determine which was "Nitro"

and which was the standard "poly" finish. According to everything I've seen, and read...this one IS a

"Nitro" version. Plus, it looks and feels like "Nitro," too. No big deal, regarding the finish..but, it's nice

to know, all the same.


I too, prefer this headstock, over the "Elitist." But, the Elitist are Great guitars, none the less...no doubt

about it!



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That's interesting CB. I didn't know that. Also it's cool that you got the nitro version.


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It was Kramer, after seeing the woman across the street who walks around her apartment naked.


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Oddly enough, my two workhorses and favorite axes are the SG and the Telecaster. I find too many people hacking away on a Strat or even LP, and I like being the guy with the dual-horn Gibson and the slab-body Fender. [thumbup]



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Yeah, H-Bomb...I go through my Telecaster & SG combo phase, quite often, anymore.

But, I use my "Little Red Blues," double cut LP "Junior Lite," a lot, too. Just depends

on my "mood," and (sometimes) what we're into playing. But, mostly it's just what

"I" feel like using, in all honesty. ;>)



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