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You want to take my WHAT to art classes and draw it?


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My darling wife came home from her art class last week and announced "You will be so pleased by this, we get to draw a musical instrument at art starting next week, and it can be a guitar." (I started to break out in a cold sweat and had that 'ol sinking feeling in my stomach about then) "Guess what , I am the only one in the class with a guitar and I'm so lucky, I've got 3 to choose from!" she says. "You've got WHAT?" goes through my mind but wasn't game to say it.


Thinking quickly I ask "That's nice dear, can't you just take some photos and work from those?" "No" she says "But it will only be for 3 or 4 weeks." "Let me get this right" I say. "You want to take one of my babies out of the house, for 4 hours at a time, without me, and let a whole bunch of people who know nothing about handling guitars (including you) paw over it?" I say in an incredulous voice.


"Dear you don't sound very happy about it, and you know I would let you have anything of mine" Bloody hell how do you get around that one? I start to mutter things in sheer desperation like "But you know nothing about handling guitars, they are so fragile, you could snap the headstock off, dent it, scratch it, then there's temperature variations" my voice trails off (She has of course chosen my most expensive guitar because it's pretty...my EJ300SCE Nat) and I know that nothing I'm saying is getting through and as she mostly paid for the guitar for my 60th, I know none of this is going to work.


"Look I know this doesn't seem fair but you just have to understand that a guitar is unlike any other possession, and I understand how excited you are to be the only one in your class to actually "have" a guitar to draw, but despite all that I AM JUST NOT HAPPY ABOUT THE WHOLE THING, and I will sweat tears of blood if this prized possession of mine goes out of my sight."


An uneasy silence descends on the household, have I blown 30 years of marriage? I feel deep down I am being unreasonable, even irrational (but that's not new) but I just can't help it!!


Now I really need your help here people, I need to get my mind right. What would your reaction be?



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Yeah! That's a good idea...more guitars!


Now being a poor old pensioner, saving for guitars takes me quite a while (though I am working on it) and so what about (in the interests of international relations) you blokes all kick in and send me the guitar you use least??


It could save my marriage and my sanity (Nah! Too late for that).


Come on Boys and Girls help this poor old Aussie out??



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Well Dig....I know this is not what you want to hear, and if the shoe was on a different foot I doubt I would even suggest such a thing, but I say let her take it....it might be worth it in the long run.


Besides once you give her your "streched-out" version of what not to do, how to take care and treat her she might just say to forget it.....nah, probably not. I know that wouldn't work here.


I think you're pretty much all alone on this one Dig...LOL..at least not in spirit though. I'm 30 years with mine also and it just amazes me how she STILL after so many years acts surprise at the things I say or do.....then again mine's a mix of Eli Mae, Dr. Doolittle and Lucille Ball so that might explain somethings .O:)


One thing though....and if you do let her take it. No matter what, when she brings it back tell her it's ruined and you need a new one.


Man good luck with this one.

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I've gotta agree with dubstar.


Go to class with the guitar.


Do a bit of a show-and-tell to the people in the class, explaining how the guitar is a delicate musical instrument. Set it up and do all the handling of the guitar. Explain how to handle the guitar and let them know the possible perils of mis-handling the guitar.


Let them know about the great tension on the strings and the steel reinforcing rod in the neck (artists like to know what is under the flesh of a model they draw).


Tell them how the body resonates with the strings, and how the all the parts are perfectly balanced to make the sound come out harmoniously.


This will give them an appreciation of what they are drawing.


And also, bring a second guitar with you (either acoustic or with a low-volume practice amp) and quietly practice while they are drawing your guitar.


Insights and incites by Notes

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Well ,Mate

Things ain`t that bad for you ..just pack it up a go to class..

Not like you were doin much when she leaves for class.

SOOOO, just do yourself a favor and take it for her ..nice time

get to meet some new people and answer some questions

Not only that you might get to be a model holding your guitar

bet there just might be some young art students in the class...

Don`t stress out so much ,, and yes i have loaned one of my guitars out for the same thing

no big deal ,not like there going to pass it around ,it`s called still art ....

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is she an idiot? why in the world can't you take ten minutes to review proper transport, removal, and safe stand use?




All that difference in attitude ought to be confidence in mutual respect. that's all she's asking. Not carte blanche toss that in the trunk for me will ya?


Unless you think she's too dumb to take a guitar out of a case, keep it in a stable safe place.. no wobbly table tops, etc.. this ought to be a cinch.

Hell.. all them wimmin want is a chance to be trusted with something you care about besides their knockers.


*don't take any of this personally.. **



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Yeah! OK fella's thanks.


The problem with me taking the guitar to art classes is (and the idea has been floated) that my darling says she would die of embarrassment if I did that, shortly after which I would die of the same malady as someone is bound to ask me to play~~~~~~


No I am rather warming to the idea of you all getting your dusty elitists out and sending them my way, I mean think of the space you would have and the room you would have for some NEW guitars (Can you believe we can't get elitists here in Oz?)


Gary thanks for your best "air guitar" reminds me of one I had years ago.


As for posing nude with the guitar a Vietnam Vet mate of mine recently did I want to be Mr. April on the calendar they were going to do for fund raising for a museum. I said you want me naked on a calendar and you intend to sell it??

Whilst I was thinking it over my wife happened to mention that I had been asked in front of my granddaughter who immediately rushed in to me and said, "Poppa Noooooooooo!" Of course that was the end of my short and illustrious career as a model.


Thanks for a bit of fun.



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Hey Digger how y'all doin? If I want to see the look of sheer terror in my wifes eyes I just hand her one of my guitars and I tell her to be carefull with it, man you would think I just gave her a live hand grenade. It's almost funny I think she's more more careful with it than I am, so I would'nt worry to much about it. Come to think of it, in 33 years of marital bliss I've probably destroyed more of her stuff than she's destroyed of mine (make note to self to be more carefull with that danged old weed wacker this year). Good luck and don't worry, you can always get a new guitar, but a good wife is priceless.

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