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epiphone les paul oddity...set neck


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WOW' date=' already 7 bids...... I'll bet that will guitar will be somewhere between $700-$1000 dollars in 7 days. I've seen Japanese 1970 beat up Crestwoods sell at $400:-s .......



I'll take that bet!

The bidding started at $9.99, so 7 bids is not anything to speak of.

$1000.00? I say more like $250. And even that is way more than I would ever pay for it. But I could be wrong. There are a lot of uneducated people out there. Gullible suckers are everywhere.

I see nothing special about that guitar at all. POS IMO.

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I've certainly never seen anything like it' date=' and i personally would never pay so much money for it. But who knows, maybe it's actually some kind of super rare guitar that is in fact worth a huge amount of money... I still wouldn't buy it, I think it's ugly...[/quote']


Other than the pick up configuration, the body and neck looks exactly like a Gibson Melody Maker...


I've never seen that particular 60's Epi model. And as you stated if it is in fact a rare Epi, and someone comes forward with actual documentation to its existence, that guitar will end up selling for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.... I'll be watching it

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It's (I believe) and Epiphone Melody Maker' date=' that's had some work done on it,

somewhere along the way. Bridge pickup, for one, tuners and (maybe?) the

pickguard. I've seen a photo of a '62-64, that was (save the mods), pretty much





if you can find the image that would be very cool

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It's the Epiphone version of the Melody Maker. It had a name' date=' but I forgot what it is.[/quote']


Yeah, they called the double cut (like the Joan Jett version) and "Olympic." And you see those a lot

more often than the one here.


I'm trying to find the photo I saw, but (unfortunately, it's been a while, and I can't remember exactly

where it was, I saw it...e-bay, google images, etc. from some private collection?) Might have been

"here," on the forum...some months ago?


Ooops, my bad...I just called a friend of mine, and he reminded me, that we saw that gutiar in a

pawn shop, in OKC, last summer. We both thought it was a "Gibson" Melody Maker, until we got

close enough to it, to read "Epiphone!" So, it wasn't a photograph, at all. "A mind, is a terrible thing

to lose!" LOL!




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Sorry, no offense intended.

It's just the school teacher in me.

I don't usually say anything, but I have noticed you are posting quite a bit, and my "grammar hammer" just had to come down.

I will lay off, promise. :-k

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Should it not have a "wraparound" bridge?

Yes, that's it, I knew there was something odd about it.

That's a stop tailpiece. There is no bridge on that guitar!

It should most definitely have a wraparound bridge on it!

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