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Epiphone Inspired By Texan. Reviews?


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Anyone want to give a review of their Epiphone Texan? I'm thinking about buying one because they're so cheap but don't want to rush into it if the quality isn't there. I can't wait until some of these new guitars start making it into shops in the UK but looks like I'll have to special order anything if wanted...

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I played one the other day and wasn't terribly impressed. Maybe calling it a Texan makes me expect some magical sound to come out of it' date=' but it disappointed. The Elitist in stock was much better - but also sold for over twice the price.[/quote']


How did the necks compare? My Elitist is very narrow at the nut....

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I don't remember them feeling much different. The necks were about the same - quite within my range of comfort. Not as thick as my Martin... more along the lines of my Gibson LG-0, which makes sense. The Inspired had a thicker, stickier finish, while the Elitist was thinner and more comfortable - but that's to someone who prefers an unfinished neck whenever possible.


The Elitist had a much more "J-45" sound than the Inspired. It wasn't a J-45, but sounded much closer than the Inspired did. I was really trying to hear the "Yesterday" sound, like I'm sure many people are, the the Elitist did it much better than the Inspired did.


That said, I liked the way the Inspired looked - it was darker and had the vintage-style headstock, while the Elitist was a much lighter wood and had a more modern headstock. The Inspired did a good job of looking like a 1964 Texan, while the Elitist sounded more like one. They also have a signed USA Texan, but it's locked up and I didn't think it was worth asking for, since I wouldn't be able to buy it anyway.



Honestly, the best-sounding guitar I played in the store that day (which was limited to those two Texans and several $100 guitars, since that's the budget I was there with) was a Chinese-made Hofner dreadnought. If it weren't for what appeared to be an improperly-glued brace and possibly weak neck joint, I would have bought it on the spot. It sounded like the Gibson Songwriter Deluxe I played a few weeks ago.

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Well, there's at lot to be said, for "trying before you buy," especially with acoustic guitars!

The IB "Texan" I played, in a store in Wichita, recently, was GREAT! Beautiful full and warm

sounding, and very even tone/volume..string to string. I played both a sunburst, and "natural"

version. Finish was equal, on both...nicely done, and not too "thick/heavy" at all. So...like Any

other brand of acoustic guitar, they must vary some...instrument to instrument. I was really

tempted to buy it, as it's almost 200 dollars less, there, than on MF. For that price, it's a "steal!"

But, obviously, there are some that may be less, desirable, than anticipated. I'd say try out as

many, as you can...if the "Texan" is your desire!



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...filing down the grooves of the bridge?


Actually, you'd only file the string grooves if they were'nt cut deep enough in the first place, & the string kept jumping out of the slot. To lower the action, remove the saddle from the guitar & rub the bottom (the part that sits in the bridge) on a piece of sandpaper you have placed on a flat surface. Go to Frets.com for more repair & maintenance info.

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One more thing!!! I'm trying to work out which Tusq compensated saddle I should get' date=' I think its the TUSQ PQ9200-lo but need to be sure of the length of the saddle on the IB Texan. can anyone help please!! Cookieman???


Thanks alot for your help guys!! [/quote']


sorry for the delay in answering your question in bed all weekend with bad stomach flu.


The saddle looks to be 2 and 3/4 inches. Hope that helps.

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