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Just thought I'd show you guys the pics of my Casino post-surgery, it arrived back yesterday from Andy Viccars who did an amazing job on her. This is what I had done....


1. Fit Bigbsy

2. New Bridge, he fitted a Schaller-type bridge and along with the improved in tone, it looks pretty good :-s

3. New bone nut

4. Complete over-haul of the electronics

5. Full set-up with 0.10's


Needless to say she's not the same guitar, she plays beautifully and for £150 cost, I've got myself a new guitar :D











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Very nice. Can you tell us which Schaller bridge model number was used? Any mods needed to the mounting posts?


Also, any issues with mounting the Bigs? Did he screw it into the top or bolt it through?


What kind of pots and caps did he use? Any other wiring mods of note?


You say it's not the same guitar, so what's different - play, feel, tone, etc.


Thanks, Brian

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They only problem with mounting the Bigsby was that the 2 screw holes next to the strap button were different to those on the trapeze tailpiece, so he just had to refill and drill. He used screws to attached it to the body.


The Schaller type bridge had the same small-post holes as the original bridge, so he just placed it on without having to drill/enlarge the original holes. I will let you know the bridge model number when I get home later.


As far as I am aware he used 500k pots, switchcraft switch and a similar jack, I have e-mailed him for clarification on the electronics. He told me he wired the system as per original Epi spec on the 1964 Casino's but I don't know is this is very different to the current line-up. All I know is that the pickups are now less muddy and have a superb mid-range response.


When played unplugged the body resonates like a dream, the combination of the Bigsby and the new bridge have improved tone immensely, it now sounds like a Casino should do with superb cleans and a sound that could cut through glass.


The set up with 10s has now made the neck more playable and a joy to noodle on, the sound is so crisp when picking out chords.


It's amazing to me that I could improve this guitar so much since I have been in love with it for ages and didn't want to change a thing, however I took the jump and have come out with a much better guitar.

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