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cell/mobile ringtone...what's yours?

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how do i get it on my phone is the question :-k


what phone you got?, normaly i put the cd in the pc drive and rip it to windows media player, then connect my phone to the usb port via the cable i got with the phone then open up the sony ericcson media centre and transfer the song to my phone [biggrin]

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Regardless what piece of music one uses as a ring tone, after hearing it about three or four times, it becomes incredibly annoying.

My first few flip phones had a ringtone that sounded like an old fashioned telephone ringer.

However, after making the incredibly bad decision to take my Wife's old Samsung ( she took the new one that has even more gizmos to help waste her life) I can't get that same ring tone, so am just using some simple generic ring tone that came with it.

But no music.


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