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JR's Bling-Bling!


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Do we see J-200 pick-guards, , , if that kind of bordercrossing make his day, he should be so very wellcome - I personally think his choice of tuners turns towards something more simplistic.

And whats that on the fretboard, , , , - - - - - MAFIA ?

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What's he got inlaid there on the body perimeter Rash?


Is that like rhinestones? They really reflect.

Yes, I think they're just cheap craft-store rhinestones. Ain't they cool though?! That's what I call taking a nice guitar & making it your own. I would do the same to my Vine but I wouldn't want to be labeled as a "copy cat". [unsure]


... and I must say that these first few responses were exactly what I was expecting to hear. To each his own. [thumbup]

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