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just from the image I can tell that playing style would be pretty awkward for me [confused]

but again, thats me. maybe Ill try it out. [thumbup]


thanks buddy, maybe Ill send you a box of twinkies for this [biggrin]

Its not really as awkward as it looks, trust me on that i thought exactly what you just said when i first saw it.



Oh and ill take the Twinkie and Mabye that epi? [flapper]

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My '08 Gibby has no rubber strip, I thought that only came on Epis. (could be wrong, done it many times b4)

I've found that holding the lower wing between my thighs will support the guitar so well that I don't HAVE to "hold" the neck up w/my neck hand, reducing drag to zero.


My Sweetheart....


is getting nickel p'up covers and a white pearloid pg for Christmas !

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