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Having a video is a great tool to use to help you improve. Although I thought my guitar sounded fine that night I hear on the video that it needs more crunch. It didn't help when the sound guy kept telling me to turn down. I really like the overdrive sound from the 6L6 power tubes vs. the 12AX7's and pedals and when I had to keep turning down that made the overdrive go away.


I'm playing the telecaster


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I agree. But the tele overpowered the others. Was I hearing it through the pa or straight from the room? Perhaps it was the wrong guitar for the song.


It was thru the mix as we were all mic'd up. I think the sound guy turned me up since I started the song. On a lot of our other songs the other guitarist is louder and I have a hard time hearing the tele. This is the house sound and sound guy.


I think the tele is a good guitar for the song, but I need to make some adjustments to my over all sound. I'll be working on that this weekend before our next practice.


I'm also on the hunt for some new tele pups. I might try some Guitar Fetish Modern Vintage Lil Puncher's - I don't want to pay more for pups than I did for the guitar don't ya know.


Amy, the singer - I'll post Paranoid later this weekend; she does a good job on that song.

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Well I think it sounds very good.


I doubt it was not only the sound man turning you up that brought you up in the mix but running clean will definitely make you louder and poke through the mix. The more gain and distortion you add to the amp the more you are breaking up the frequency range and compressing the perceived volume from the output of an amp. Its the same principle as to why commercials on television sound so loud. When your watching "Normal television programing" different EQ frequencies are higher and lower to get a "nice" sounding mix. When the commercial comes on it is not actually "Louder" it is just perceived to be louder because they don't cut any frequencies from the mix. It's a trick of the ears.


Bottom line if you always want to be in the mix louder than your other guitar player Play Clean! msp_biggrin.gif

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