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We recently had a lot of questions for Casino/Riviera/Sheraton/ES-335 cases. Just wanted to share my experience with the original Epiphone 940-E519 case (http://www.thomann.de/gb/epiphone_koffer_sheraton.htm).

Today was my moment of truth: I had to carry around my modified Riviera the first time. Would it fit into the Epiphone case, especially with the new Bigsby B7 on it? Well, it does not only fit, but it fits perfectly:




The cushions for the guitar rims have a gap at the bottom of the case, probably meant for the bottom strap look. But they made it a bit broader, so that also the hinge and the arm of the Bigsby (which are overlapping the guitar significantly) do fit in perfectly:




On the top end of the case there's plenty of room for even bigger headstocks:




The accessory compartment has more than enough room for my leather strap, tuner, tool set, cable and 2 sets of spare strings.


This case may be not the cheapest available, but I do highly recommend it, especially for Bigsby equipped guitars. It does fit as well for the ES-335 and the Sheraton II.

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