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mind getting it for me and shipping it off? I'll pay! [flapper]



Haha,I'll get right on that. Actually I removed that craigslist ad because the seller's guitar isn't an SG Junior, it's an SG All American(it has a single 500T with coil split).

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Very Nice! I have a 91 Jr as well, the necks on these are incredible! I love playing my Jr.


Here's mine, slightly modded.

The original owner had replaced the single-coil with a Gibson humbucker of some kind.

I replaced that pup with a Gibson signature Iommi pup, add a Gibson TP-6 tail, put on a mirror pickguard, a Schaller chrome plated brass truss cover. It came with the old Gibson "chainsaw" case, not sure if it was original case and small button Grover tuners which look to be original.


Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

October 23rd, 1991

Production Number: 171



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