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Another Californiaman House Update


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the house has been painted inside and out.

The floors and carpeting are down and done.

Californiagirl and myself will throw down a solid cleaning this coming week and we'll start moving in.


Here's some pictures taken today.

We painted the front door burgundy. I think it looks great against the yellow and white of the house.



Here's the hickory hardwood floors and the carpet we chose.



My fireplace and the new wood.


Looks great, doesn't it?



My new house comes with a few critters. Here's one of my favorites. Found him slithering up against the patio door about an hour ago.



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Thank you.

We discovered that we will also be replacing a couple of the duel pane windows in the master bedroom.

I cleaned them as best I could, but it's clear from the streaks on the inside of the glass that the seal is blown.

Still, it was a good day cleaning up.


Tomorrow I'm hoping my helper shows up and we can put the tile down in the bathroom. It's 120 square feet and we got a killer deal on some stone. It's honed and polished travertine. The neat thing about it is that there is quartz running through it.


If we get all that done on Sunday, all I'll have to do is baseboard on Monday.

Tuesday the bedroom set gets delivered.


We're right on schedule. It feels good to be the project manager and not have any delays. [cool]

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