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New Amp Day


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Chalk up another purchase to spontaneity...I need my head checked.


Couldn't let this one go yesterday. I had just taken a look at this amp in GC on Friday, but with the 250 price tag, I had to let it pass. However, I walked into a different shop yesterday to pick up a mic stand, and I found this same model, used, for 169. Damn near mint condition.


Vox AC4tv (4 watt - 1 watt - 1/4 watt settings)



This little sucker sounds sweet! Every guitar I plugged into it, and every pedal I own, sounded great through this thing. The Swollen Pickle may be the one exception to this - too much low end for such a tiny box.


No real complaints. It's still too loud to crank up to the point where I'm getting the natural break up of the tubes (I'm in an apartment), however, that's what my pedals are for.

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Thanks! Still loving the amp, and love the LP. It's my number 1, no doubt.


Phone pic. Not impressed with the alleged 5mp camera...





When I get some time, I'm really looking forward to mic'ing the Vox and recording some tracks. Can't wait to hear how it will sound. The cleans are great (apparently what you'd expect from a Vox), but the creamy, warm crunch I'm getting my TS-808 is spectacular.

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