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Pickguard and pickup color for metallic red robot LP


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I'm thinking about some (aesthetic) mods to my red metallic robot. I like how she looks but I need a pickguard and I also want to change the neck pickup to something a little less hot. So why not change it to something that looks different (or not) [biggrin]


Here's the poll and some pictures... couldn't get a "clear pickguard" preset on FM's site so you guys just do as if the "no pickguard" pictures are the clear pickguard pictures.



As it came from the factory:





White pickguard:





White pickguard p94 on the neck





All white:





P94 neck, no cover (black bobins)





White pickups, clear/no pickguard





Black pickups, clear/no pickguard





Black pickups, white PG



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I like how all of them look, and find it hard to decide...


The black pickup thing looks a little too Slash for me tho.


The all white looks like a less classic guitar (more like a super-something) IMO.


The chrome with white thing is a little more generic tho.



Aw nuts! [confused]

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IMHO; 1st// P-94 Chrome W/O pickguard.......2nd// Black HB & Black P-94 W white pickguard......3rd// Both White HBs WITHOUT pickguard..


IMHO, white HBs with the white pickguard looks too feminine ( for a male guitarest )....The P-90 is an interesting beast T.G......


Although 1st choice with a white P/G IMO would look nice as well...............

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I think a clear pg would look to cheesy and won't look nice when it gets a little wear on it. It will show the scratches.


Having said that, no gaurd looks good on it, but I like the white if it needs one, as it matches the binding and the pup rings.


Also, while I think the white coils look the best, it may limit your options as to what pups you can use. But, I like the chrome a close second, and you could always put covers on should you go with white and make a change in the future. Both chrome and white go with the white gaurd, or no gaurd.

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The only cosmetic change I would like to make to my MG robot would be to add white binding around the body, I thought of using white pin stripping. The 490T is a pretty low output PU, less than the P94 according to the Gibson output chart.

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