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Yes, I joined in with the laughs on the horribly home-painted sunburst on that Gibson from the other thread - http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/69115-good-lord-what-a-mess/


I posted a pic of the CEO-6 which is an example of one of Martin's not so aesthetically pleasing bursts.


But on a thread about Martin bursts -


I've seen plenty that are pleasing to me - burst colors that are closer in tone and a fairly smooth gradient across the blend areas between burst colors.


I find Martin examples with harder gradient edges the least pleasing - those with large differences in the burst colors and very little gradient in the blend areas between colors.


Here's a lovely burst on a very nice OM-45GE - . . . . . . . Compared to the burst on a CEO-6 - . . . . . . . And that's the thing about Martin bursts.


p1_upibb4ppn_so.jpg. . 89795.jpg

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It's been my experience that burst finish's usually don't photograph real well.

They have to be seen in person to be appreciated.

I have a Santa Cruz VJ which looks hideous in pictures but is pretty nice in person.

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Martin 'bursts are just different, is all.


The shaded tops that they did in the 30s is what they try to mimic often, when they do a burst, and it appears that they follow the outline of the guitar's body in achieving it. And they seem to "blend" a little less nicely than the bursts done by Gibson and others.


Their recent-current "amberbursts" have been a little less "severe" than the shaded tops with their well-demarcated burst.


I used to have a nice OM-21S with the amberburst finish. Just for fun, I snapped a pic of it next to my amberburst/honeyburst Gibson J-200Jr, for comparison:




Each to their own. Although I really like most Gibson bursts a lot, I think I have enough latitude to be able to appreciate other bursts too.


Just some more than others!



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