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Duet with my wife


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We had a great show last night at one of the reguar 'larger' places we play called Belushis here in Prague.


My wife is slowly starting to get the confidennce to join us on stage at these shows which is great and we played together three tracks.


On one of them she sang a duet with our lead singer and I sort of did a backup duet with our lead guitarist supporting them.


The song is 9 Crimes by Irish singer songwriter Damien Rice.


Hope you enjoy it, any feedback or suggestions always welcome !




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Very nice!! I wish you guys would come and play in my living room one day. [thumbup]


Now yes, I would love to hear you and your wife together. (If I were a producer-type, I'd push Kristofferson's "Loving Him Was Easier" your way; bet you guys would hit that one outta the park. Just my two cents...)

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Cheers PM, glad you enjoyed it ! Will pass on the complement to Mrs EA !


Its nice to break up a pretty fast and heavy set with a couple slower numbers and have a chick on stage .. ;-)


That was cool EA, I like Damien Rice. I used to play cannonball quite a bit ;-)


Your Mrs has a nice voice.

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Thanks a lot Em7, glad you enjoye it. Will definitly pass on the comment to Mrs EA,she will be thrilled to hear it, and thans for the playing complements. Sometimes less is more and I think is one of those songs.


Im so jealous of songwriters who can write such great track with the absolute simplest of chord progressions ...


Enjoyed it - the quartet works. Fine dynamics where tune rises and falls towards the end. Guitars sound good, nice rounded trebs.

Really like the lighting - just the 4 figures in the infinite dark. . .

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