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finally ! pics of my les paul !


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woah thanks everyone!

i know wolff i dont know what i was thinkin about i love it more than any other wouldnt trade it for not a single other guitarr i will use it in my concerts in the future.. yeah i know im just 12 years old but my dad had to.. well in my country we dont talk english but how can i sayy like keep money for a long time to get together all the money and stuff but hey thanks ppl ! hbpatter .. NEVERR =D>

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Well, Jimmy Page has 3 signature Gibsons as far as I know.


-The regular sunburst Les Paul. That has some kind of special wiring so the pups can be split and go out of phase.


-The Double neck SG like the one DaveInSpain has.


-The Les Paul Custom Black Beauty. With or without a Bigsby.


BTW GnR, I'm glad you didn't cave in and get one of those new Epiphone Slash signature Goldtops and went for a real Gibson instead. I'm sure you would have liked that too but then nobody here would talk to you. ;-)

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