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Can't. Stop. Modding.


The '56 GT needed a real B-7, you've seen her before.


The really pretty girl on the right was a deal too good to pass up. That, my friends, is your 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard V3. Fat neck, long tenon, real maple cap, USA Gibson BurstBuckers, Mallory 150 capped, Wilkinson/Kluson tuners, Tusq Nut, No. 256 of 1960, Brown/Pink HSC from MF shipped 2-day Air to get it to me for my birthday, that THEY covered. That's CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


For 6 Benjamins.


Mo pictures to come.



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Two beautiful Les Pauls and a Shillelagh to boot!

You are living a charmed life indeed, sir ...




Thank you! I could NOT think of the name of the "item".


Two absolutely Beautiful Guitars!!! Your Bigsby Mod makes it very unique, AND

you have a "Beat 'em off with a Stick STICK" just in case! [biggrin]

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