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Now that we seem to be in a zone of Stones and Hummingbirds


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I agree.... nice that Keif plays the Dove....


Was just in the Hard Rock in Tahoe.... the table I sat in had a H'Bird hanging on the wall that Keif played, (didn't say he owned it, just that he played it).


Was a very old one, with lots of "mojo". Wouldn't mind getting a crack at it!

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Did you never rehearse lying down, , , okay. I did a lot of horizontal electric playing as a youngster. Gave the right laid back feeling.


Regarding Richards he started the backbend early on. KeithgoesBBKing.jpg Inspired by B.B. King it seems. . .


Nope, actually I usually sit on a kitchen chair when playing. On a bed or a sofa, it just don't feel comfortable.


Oh, and another cool pick btw. I don't recall seeing this one before. Thanks for posting! [thumbup]

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