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A Short Blues On My 1959 Gibson LG3


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I am still learning the controls for the new spaceship (my Mac Laptop). What a wonderful little computer! These computers now are nearly as good as we were told they were going to be back in the 70's, except I am not wearing a tinfoil tracksuit as I operate it like they wore in the films! I may have a look at the store for something orange to wear later - like in Space Odysey....




Here is a quick blues I played on my wonderful 1959 Gibson LG3:









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Man you play like you live in a swamp somewhere with a broke down truck, a runaway wife and a past due mortgage.........got dem' blues! =D>
Funny, I heard in uptown cat in a suit with his tie loosed doing an after-hours set at the corner lounge, ala Lonnie Johnson or Broonzy. But I get your point Buck. BK, this one feels very free and easy within the form.
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Video doesn't work of me.


Works for me.. "to coin a phrase" ! You are an Inspiration !

Wish that you and all my friends could be here this summer.











































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