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Ok that is just freaky


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At times, some of the kids genuinely looked to be enjoying themselves. At other times though, the smiles they wore looked so forced and fake, made me sad. One thing is for sure, they've been trained and done a ton of work. I just hope the training and work wasn't overly harsh, though I suspect otherwise...

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I don't feel this has anything to do with talent-

IMO it's about memorization and repetition.


You couldnt be more wrong [thumbdn]


You have five very talented children playing a pretty tough piece, and all five are playing off of each other very well. I'll bet I couldn't find five guitar players within this thread to pull off what those kid just accomplished.


Certainly it's not very common place to find young musicians playing at a high level. But when it does happen it's no reason to look at it as some cultural flaw, so that you can justify your reasoning for not being as good.


Here's a great vid of a young chap playing the drums.... Nothing freaky about this



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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