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Yes, she was, TG...and, a bit of a guitar player, too! She (famously) told director Blake Edwards

(when he was pressured to CUT the scene, with the song "Moon River," out of "Breakfast At Tiffany's")...

"Over My Dead Body!!" It wasn't vanity, on her part, she just Loved that song. And, as we all know, now...

She was absolutely Right, about it! [thumbup] No opera singer, maybe...but she did a very nice,

and "real" version, in the film.


Well, I didn't mean to "highjack" this thread, at all [blush] ...just seeing that Awel, is from Belgium,

I thought he might get a kick, out of a reference to one of their more famous citizens. It's no

secret, that I've LOVED Audrey, since "Roman Holiday!" She was, truly, one of a kind!


Back to Guitars!! [biggrin]



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