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<a class="bbc_url" title="External link" href="http://www.kissmonsterbook.com/" rel="nofollow external"> http://www.kissmonsterbook.com/




This book is a really huge (Larger Than Life?), albeit not very practical, rip off!


Sure, some of the photos are cool for some KISS fans, but $4,250 for a stupid book? C'MON!!!!!


Just when you think they couldn't outgreed themselves. Well, they did.


I won't be buying one. Limited to 1,000 copies and handmade in Italy. But does a book have to be handmade? Geez.


And the fact that Tommy Thayer's signature is on there doesn't make it any more appealing to me...Sorry.


I love KISS (at least the music. Don't really buy into the so-called "lifestyle". They're just a rock band with an over-the-top stage show that plays music that I dig, nothing more than that) and always will, but this breaks the camel's back. So far, this is their ultimate epic fail. I thought you couldn't beat the KISS Kruise in that category...Well, the book costs more than the damn cruise! They say it's the next best thing to being at a KISS concert! Well, I could go see KISS for thousands of dollars less! Not that I would, mind you!


I'm sure Eddie Trunk has a few things to say about this epic failure! I can't wait for that!


So, who wants to rant with me?!?!?!?! Rant away, fellow forumites!

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Now if they threw in free action figures and a copy of The Elder... maybe I'd buy one then. [flapper]


That comment nearly sent me to the infirmary!


I guess the KISS Kollectors will snatch these up, considering most have the dough that allows them to do so.


I don't got the dough, so it's a no go! When I first heard about the book, I was thinking about buying it. When I saw that price, I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. So I did both!


I know people that love KISS religously and they would even laugh/balk at this! I won't buy it. It's cool that KISS is still here, but this is absolutely uneccessary IMHO! It should be a NORMAL SIZED coffeetable book priced reasonably. Then I'd buy it.


Yet I'm not surprised. This is so Geneish.

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