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I am one of the few non-Scots who absolutely loves Haggis,I first tasted it in Hamilton ON.,Canada while attending the Chronic Pain Center there I was one of the very few who went back for seconds-since there was so much left over I went back for thirds and forths too.My grandfather used to raise sheep and every spring would weed out a couple for food raather than its wool.My grandmother would make brawn-more commonly known as"headcheese"-from the brains of the sheep.They would make their own gelatin when rendered down by being cooked for a long time with a delicious spice mixture in it.I would eat enormous ammounts of this delicasy and never seemed to get my fill.Some of the spices I remember that went in it were: Cloves,Allspice,Cinnamon, Ginger,Nutmeg and a few more that I can't remember.I remember several people who also loved it-that was until they were told what it was made of.When these people were told their usual reaction was to give their brawn an eviction notice.

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OK,, seeing as the Gibson Lounge has briefly turned into the Gibson Kitchen, how about another one.


I will pretty much try anything once, and 300 times if I like it.

How adventurous are you when it comes to food. What are the craziest meats you have eaten.

My exotic meat list would include: (and I realize exotic is subjective)

For me it's






-frog legs

-game of all kinds but I don't consider it exotic. Some do I guess. But them some wouldn't consider snails or gator exotic,, it's all relative I suppose.

-octopus and squid

-and I ate ants on a dare as a kid..lol


I'm sure I'm missing some.

Gibson kitchen Lol

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ooo, I've had Shark, too. It's really good!


Crawdads (as we call them here) right out of the lake. From what I understand our Crawdads are very different from the ones made famous by Marde Gras and New Orleans. We get the one with little Lobster Claws and tails, like a fresh water lobster. I may be mistaken about the difference, but I'd say that makes them a little exotic.


I've breaded and fried 'em, steamed or boiled with lemon and butter, Crawdad Scampi, and Chowder. Can't pick a favorite.

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I was raised on crawfish. For me, that's more a staple than something exotic. No stranger to alligator, rattlesnake, or game such as antelope, venison, rabbit, boar, duck, dove, goose, pheasant, etc. Nutria too. Frog's legs? Seconds please. I've had monkey, dog, and cat also.

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A few exotic things here and there nothing that hasn't been already mentioned.


Of all exotic things what I eeat most often is Mexican Menudo, mainly cow's stomach chopped up and cooked into a savory soup. Great for those times when you want something different or you are humgover as hell.


A lot of people look down on this dish but if it was French they would call it a delicacy and perk up their pinkt fingers while eating it.

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BTW...a few have mentioned 'raw oysters'. Can you eat cooked oysters? I thought they could only be eaten raw? :-k Academic to me now as I've recently developed an allergy to all crustacea and most fish...:(





I live in the South. You can bread and deep fry anything, oysters included!



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