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Helping a Shop, but at a cost...

Gary Moore Tribute

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Went into #### today and noticed a new Guitar in their window, they said it was a Les Paul Studio Deluxe and wanted £650 for it




Thanks to my experience on here and through my own impressions I guessed it may be something more.

It was just the guitar and came with no hardcase or scratchplate


Asking about he allowed me look at it and to enquire about what it was. We did this by looking under the 2 pickups


They revealed 2 "Patent Applied For" Pickups and 2 KEY pieces of information





Yep its that one, a LIMITED RUN 2000/2001 Gary Moore Les Paul! and 3x more than he was asking!


On one hand I'm annoyed with myself that I revealed what it really was but the Owner is a good friend of mine & I deal with him regularly.

Hopefully I'll get something out of this but I'm happy I did the right thing...

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