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Hi all


A group shot, no Fenders, on Jan 1, 2013....I've got the rest of the week off so you can see what I'll be doing.

I love playing and working at it too - these guitars teach me to try and make the absolute most of whatever talent I may have. I feel very privileged to own them.


L-R - Knight archtop 1980s, Schaller Pus: 2009 Custom Shop '56 RI: Knight sunburst 1979, Schecter pus: front is the Shine semi I have recently posted about.




Not a great pic but I thought the colours all look good. Got any nice single-cut semis? Put 'em up!



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That's a beautiful collection,excellent examples of first rate luthiery.They are all very beautiful-I have a weakness for archtop,big bodied,jazz boxes-the guitars sandwiching the Les Paul are stunning.

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Very nice - the knight sunburst is really really nice [thumbup]

I will probably be buried or burned with that guitar. It is 'The One', has been used on many, many gigs and it has changed my life.


Many thanks to all for your comments; I must apologise to forum members as I really should have put this pic in the 'Show your collection' thread which I overlooked.

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