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  1. In Topic:NBD: 2018 SG Std. Bass.

    Today, 02:55 PM

    I heard from someone that the SG Std. Basses are a limited run of 100 each color. Has anyone else heard anything about this?
  2. In Topic:What is so special about Sweetwater?

    Today, 10:23 AM

    I've been going through Brent at Sweetwater for a few years now. My orders through him have been correct, and shipped when I'd like them to be shipped. One of the things I do like about Sweetwater, is the Guitar Gallery. I don't do all my bass purchases on line, but when I do, it's nice to see the bass I am ordering. Having a choice from one bass to another is welcomed.
    They don't charge me sales tax since I don't live in Indiana. With some of the basses I purchase, sales tax can add a considerable amount to the cost. They don't charge shipping, and use FedEx.
  3. In Topic:Does anyone like the 2017 EB bass?

    Today, 10:11 AM

    I'm not that crazy about the 2017 body shape, but at least Gibson is putting out the product for any players who may like the style. Gibson should promote their base series as much as they do the 6 stringer guitars as well. Too many of the other guitar companies have beat up on Gibson's basses for too many years now. Here's hoping bass players return to, or get into Gibson basses. [cool]
  4. In Topic:Does anyone like the 2017 EB bass?

    Today, 08:49 AM

    I'm being a return to Gibson Bass player, after having some QC issues in the past. My SG Std. basses are Right On with QC. I hope Gibson makes an effort to do the same with the 2017 series, and all of the other Gibson Basses. I do hope there is a market place for the 2017 series. They appear to not have a Neck Dive Of Death at least with the newer body design. [thumbup]
  5. In Topic:What's for breakfast,lunch, or dinner?

    Today, 08:30 AM

    Breakfast, our daughter is making some fine pancakes. [thumbup]


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    02 Dec 2013 - 21:47
    correct ,cheerios ..
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