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  1. Retrorod, did your 69 j160 have the screwed down pickguard? Did they do that on J45s too? chasAK
  2. A resurrected guitar that had been consecrated to the Lord's use, that's a treasure! Thanks for sharing that on Easter Sunday. chasAK
  3. I believe "69" was the transition year for the j160. My "69"j160 was sloped shouldered, adj bridge with rosewood saddle and had the screweddown pick guard. I suspect the bridge is not original on the one you are looking at. chasAK
  4. I use Sunbeams 12s on my j45. They are very warm sounding and have longevity. I have tried 80/20s and find them not as warm sounding, though they have very good note clarity. To my ears the PBs have less clarity but more warmth and a rumbling bass (Tom's appropriate word is fuzzy). The highs are sweat and somewhat sparkling sounding verses trebly and piercing. The Sunbeams are round core and have a nice feel. The low E is a 54, but still has plenty of bass rumble. Another string that is very similar to the Sunbeams is Pyramid,Western Folk. They are PBs and sound very similar to the Sunbeams but with a little more note clarity. Around here they are about twice as expensive as the Sunbeams, but do sound good! My local shop does not carry them and I am satisfied with the Sunbeams. chasAK
  5. I guess the CE07 is shining pretty well. My favorites were1,3,&2.
  6. djw171, does your have the tear drop or batwing pick guard?
  7. Love the look of that top wood!! chasAK
  8. I agree it should not have been called an HB.
  9. On the sound hole and 12th fret measurement are you measuring from 12th fret to circumference or center? If the sound hole is placed closer to the bridge then the intersection of the X brace is also pushed down. It would likely necessitate the X to be widen to accommodate the bridge plate? chasAK
  10. Terrapin Guitars has the tear drop and the batwing made of celluloid. I had good experience in dealing with them: terrapinisland.com
  11. It sounds like Gibson hit a home run on this one. I wish I was in the market for another guitar!!
  12. The HB Pro is my son-in-law's most desired Gibson. I have always viewed it as a mahogany Songwriter. Guitar Center had several models in their pro series. All them were named after iconic Gibson's and I know most of them, if not all, had different body dimension from theGibson they were named. To best of my knowledge the only one that really took off was the HB Pro. Who was responsible for the naming of these modes I don'tknow? But Gibson at least allowed it.
  13. I do not use the electronics but left them in my j45. I don't think it would have an effect on the tone. I did change out the nut and saddle to bone. Every guitar is different and every one's ears and tastes are different. Here was what I thought were the noticeable differences. 1. Increased volume, 2. Improved note clarity, 3. Greater sustain, & 4. A bit brighter I did not care for the new brightness and experimented with various strings and have settled on a sound I like. I use DR Sunbeams 12s. I would do it again. The saddle is easy to replace if you don't like the bone saddle. The only thing I possibly do different is not change out the bridge pin to FWI. I did it as an Alaska touch. chasAK
  14. The performance and guitar sounded great. I would love toplay a Firebird sometime. I have not seen one here. It has some boom that theDove is missing. It sort of fills out the hollow spots in the Dove. Nice job all the way around! chasAK
  15. I like the tulip turners but they are a bit out of place on a J45. chasAK
  16. It pegged me as a j200. The second time I made one change and came out an L-1.
  17. When I ordered mine it was the Gloss Tortoise Celluloid material. Don't be alarmed when it arrives. The material is somewhat translucent and has a yellow peel off backing. Before I stuck it down I peeled the yellow backing offand put it on the guitar with the glue side up. This gave me an idea of how it would look. My only regret is that I waited too long to change it out. I went with a different style pick guard and there is a foot print from the old one where they did not overlap. chasAK
  18. The Doves in Flight has a 1.575 nut The Hummingbird Pro has a 1.68 nut It is available at Woodwind & Brass The Brad Paisley j-45 has a 1.625 nut It may be hard to find
  19. I'm simple (and cheap!). I mostly use Fender heavy pick. I also use and like Tortex picks but I lose tone on the high end when I go over 1mm and the bottom end gets too muddy.
  20. Do a piece meal job on it. Get the neck reset. Evaluate the bridge plate and maybe leave it undone. Do the tuner buttons and saddle yourself. Then see how it plays and sounds. One question is how perfectly restored do you need it?
  21. In theory and listening to some, yes. Having played a couple the answer is no. One of the best sounding j45s my local dealer has had was a black 60s reissue with an adjustable bridge. That killed the theory and rhetoric. I would love to play one that had a ceramic saddle. My old j160 had a rosewood saddle: that with a laminated top and ladder brace was a tone killer. chasAK
  22. Interestingly my 08 has the logo as your 06.
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