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  1. In some cased I wonder if it is the how the stain takes in the joint. A couple factors may be involved: the amount of glue absorbed by the edge face of the pieces of wood, the dryness of the wood at the time of spraying. I have seen some Gibson sunburst that have the line with no grain runout. The grain is straight and parallel, perpendicular to the bodylines, or parallel to the neek. As the guitar ages and the grain lines darken the seam line may blend in more and become less distinct. chasAK
  2. The volume and tone knobs look like the ones that were on my 68 j160. My j160 also had the rosewood bridge but the pick guard was screwed to the top. Anybody know when theystarted using the rosewood bridge?
  3. When my son travels with his trombone, he puts on a suit coat and tie and asks the flight attendant if they can put his trombone in the closet. He says it works almost every time; but it does not work is he is dressed in casual close.
  4. Where it comes from I don't know. Is it magic, no? I assume it is in the bracing and arche radiuses of the top and back. Does it work magic, yes? I'm not a great player, but what I do play often has a lot of "inside jazz chords." On a Gibson J45 they are sweet! The only Martin that came close to that sweetness was a POW Martin. None of the Taylors came close, (not that that is bad but not the sound for which I was looking.) I think that slightly compressed sound attributes to the thump. In my opinion, Gibson makes the best hog in town. Again, how do they do it? I don't know but I hope they keep on doing it!
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    AnneS, jealousy is oozing out of ever pore; Congratulations. If it sounds half as good as it looks, you got a real keeper!
  6. When I put a bone saddle and nut in my j45 it had increased note clarity and sustain. It also got a little brighter. I use DR Sunbeams 12s and it sounds great. You can always put the tusq saddle back in. Some people like itbetter. Some guitars sound better with tusq. Nevertheless, I would play it for acouple of months before changing anything. After a couple of months, I would take it in for a professional setup and make the desired changes at that time.The one exception to that is if you are going to change the pick guard. That shouldbe done as early as possible.
  7. I believe it was in late 08 when they changed to the Standard from the Modern Classic(MC) model.
  8. I'm not a luthier. In fact I am not much of any of those type of things. But one possibility would be to cut around the loose lacquer and take it out so it does not spread. Then relacquer, touch up, the small area. I definitely would not want to see the uplifting spread. It looks like the piece of felt or cork under the strap button may cover it up if it does not turn out just right. chasAK
  9. If you could trim down and control the j45 model productions, what models would you produce and like to see? Or, what models would you like to add? chasAK
  10. OWF, you need to add the Donovan model. When you hit 50, I thinkyou get some kind of prize. Martin has 9 d28s not counting their 12 string. Anybody know how many j45 models are currently in standard production? An interesting question is what model would like to see the list reduced too? I would opt for the Legend, the standard, the TV(with the choice of adi. or Sitka) and a couple reissues (one with the adjustable bridge). Now I'm up to five of six. That sound reasonable to me! PS I need to add a 12 fret! chasAK
  11. chasAK

    J45 2006

    If you can find an older standard (MC) and retro fit different tuners you will have the appointments you want. They may be easier to find. The MC has a wider nut, which fits better for most people. chasAK
  12. What a shock and a loss. He was a very knowledgeable and sound forum member. I always enjoyed his posts. Rar was the first person to respond to my first post. I posted that I now have two 45s one vintage and one new. The vintage is a 1943 Colt. Send our regards if you can. I'll be praying for them. I recently lost two close friends. Both of them were shockers as well. chasAK
  13. Did the HB ever sport a non-adjustable bridge? If so, does anyone know what years? By the way, one of the best j45s I've played up here had an adjustable bridge. I was surprised. chasAK
  14. No, Willy, you put on a hat with a big brim. The Doves are in flight!! chasAK
  15. If your question is how to support the neck when changing strings, I usually put the guitar on the couch and support the neck by the armrest. Concerning cutting the string after they are tuned to pitch, it works for me. I also bend the string where it goes into the peg hole. chasAK
  16. My bridge plate looks great. It is an 08 j45. The bridge plate is solid wood. The mystery hole is plenty far away from the pin holes. There is very little tearing and splintering where the drill bit comes through. Some of the above pictures look scary! I don't know the process so I have not suggestions for the hole placement. The dull drill bits and too much force pushing them through is an easy fix. chasAK
  17. Terrapinguitars, thanks that is the company I was trying to think of. I had good success with them as well. But don't be alarmed when you receive the pickguard. It will look very light and yellowish, but it is only the yellow peel off backing showing through.
  18. I'm not necessarily a bluegrass guy. Personally I'm not a big fan of the AJ, though many people are! The only one I really liked had an adi.top. That one was nice. If I were looking for a d28 I would look for an hd 28,or another model that had the scalloped bracing. Looking at their web site the d28v has scalloped and forward shift bracing. But you probably already know all that. The only AJ with an adi. top on Gibson's web site is the 1935 AJ. The oneI played was out before the 1935 reissue came out. Anway have fun playing them in your search and I hope you get one, be it Gibson or Martin, that resonates with you and meets your needs!
  19. "Gibson being Gibson, there are probably several varieties of AJs out there." How many varieties of the d28 are there? I just looked on their web site and counted at least 8.
  20. I believe they are the same as thebat wing pickguard for a j45. Several people make them. chasAK
  21. When I was looking to get back into playing I was looking at a Song Writer, a D28 ,and an AJ. It was coming down to the Song Writer and D28. At the advice of a friend I tried a j45 hog. That was it. That was the sound I was looking for.The hog had strong mellow mids and the highs were sweet rather that piercing. The bass was there but not as boomy as the other two. If you dug into it the guitar had a bite. I need to add, there was a very nice sounding maple J200, but that was out of my budget.
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