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  1. My J200 I bought a little over a year ago did but I got it direct from the factory. It went away fairly quick. My HB I bought last month did not. It's a great guitar and quickly becoming one of my favorites
  2. I broke my new rule and bought one before I sold two. I swear, there are three going up on the block this weekend, maybe four. I did check the bridge plate 2008 AJ Gold Custom Shop - NOS - Walnut B&S
  3. May be my last one after tomorrow, maybe.
  4. I've dealt with Sam Ash on line. They have it where can make them on offer on line. I just bought a new HB and had it within 3 days. Really cuts down on the haggling I got it 40% off list free shipping no taxes
  5. Any ideas? Looks like someone put contact paper on the top lower bass side to cover up a crack. Current bid is $360, ends tomorrow.
  6. I recently added an HB standard to my herd and I love it. I have not played or seen a J100. Good luck.
  7. I posted the picture of my J200 on the other thread. Since then, I checked my HB & HB Pro. Both looked like my J200. The hole was plenty far enough away from the bridgepin holes.
  8. Got my J200 back and the factory did a great job with the neck reset. I'm currently causually shopping around for either something in Koa or Walnut. I feel I have more than enough maple, rosewood and mahogany.
  9. Made a new saddle, lowered the nut slots, plays like buttah. Excellent job from the factory
  10. They're probably showing real Gibsons and selling fakes
  11. I had a tele bender with the Texas Specials and I did not like it, but I was looking for that vintage tele sound. I now have one of the selects and I like it so much I sold off all my other solid bodies (two strats, a tele and LP Custom). I'm not sure exactly what the pickups are but here's what they call them - Fender® Select Tele Single Coil Pickup (Bridge) Neck Pickup: Fender® Select Tele Single Coil Pickup (Neck) I seem to use the No-Load Tone Control all the time. I just love the sound and playability.
  12. I know of neck/headstock repairs over 40 years old and still holding. The epoxy they use is stronger than the original wood.
  13. At those prices I think I'll order page one[biggrin]
  14. Looks like someone took a coarse file to them probably to smooth out the wear grooves that were in them. They're pretty flattened out. They look a little low and you may need a fret job. If you just want to smooth them out I would take it to a luthier, shouldn't cost much. If you want to do it yourself, find out the radius of the fretboard and order a sanding block from StewMac.
  15. Factory specs are usually high with enough room for adjustment. Where you want it would depend on your playing style. Hard strummers and big benders need more height. Others prefer a lower setting. Take it to a luthier and tell him what you want unless you want to do it yourself. Make sure you know what you're doing because the neck relief, nut slots, saddle height and condition of the frets all come into play. Good luck
  16. http://www.gibson-talk.com/forum/es-sential-hollowbodies/15130-gibson-factory-set-up-specs.html
  17. You got my curiosity. I happen to have the strings off of my J200. Has that same hole, but it's no where near the bridgepin holes. It looks like it may be there to inspect the glue coverage
  18. I had a pickguard on a tele with the same issue. I planned on setting it near a window so the sunlight could do it's job but I sold it before I got around to it.
  19. $4513 msrp Should be no problem getting it for $2700 if you think it's worth it.
  20. Got it back today. Neck angle looks perfect. I can't even see where anything's been done to. I need to make a new saddle for my preference.
  21. Defintely my Ovation Elite 2778LX, the Takamine TF250 and the Taylor Koa Custom C2 T5. Maybe my D28 Elvis, still debating on that one. Maybe my '53 J50. I haven't yet attached myself to it.
  22. John, I relistened to the tracks and based just on the sound of the guitar - Track 4 is hands down my favorite. A close 2nd are tracks 2, 5, 8, and 10
  23. JT, I finished the CD and my only complaint is there weren't enough tracks. I loved every number. My favorite instrument was Lauren's voice. As far as guitars, there were a few sounds I enjoyed more than the others. I'll have to listen again and match up the guitars to see which ones I liked better.
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