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  1. Someone nicked my AMEX cc #. A few days ago I noticed their 'test' charge for a whopping $2.71 and got on the horn to AMEX. New card on the way and no liability. But thieves suck!
  2. Feeling so lucky and happy to have caught one of his 5 shows at Budokan in April. Best I've heard yet.
  3. I've tried 9s, 10s, and 11s. For my style of playing 11s work the best. Pyramid 11-48 or 11-50, round wound or flat wound (whichever I can find) on my -355 Everly 11-48 on my LP Various brand 11-48s or 50s on my -335 If I could find D'Angelico flat wounds that would be my string of choice hands down. But I understand they are not being made anymore. Beautiful tone, long lasting, and instead of a slick feel, a very slight textured feel.
  4. Is a dream a lie if it don't come true Or is it something worse That sends me down to the river Though I know the river is dry - Springsteen American Pie (whole song) - Don MClean
  5. Yep. Ebony board with ebony binding
  6. Hey all, With the recent Taylor thread, it donned upon me that I had been remiss in posting pics of my latest acquisition. I got a killer deal on a brand new Taylor 614ce here in Osaka. The salesman said they knocked 30% off because of the dark streaks in the wood. The Japanese consider that a cosmetic flaw. I told him they were character marks ;-) It was love at first strum. I was amazed at the tone. And the satin finish on the neck makes her a dream to play.
  7. I got a killer deal on a 614ce last December here in Osaka. It was love at first note played. The build and finish are phenomenal as is the tone, and I love the satin neck. ....oh yeah, I play Dylan on it too; and now, where's that Cash music....
  8. I'll second that. I've installed the Faber system on my LP, -355, and -335. Best system out there. Thx for sharing
  9. Nice work Bence and thanks for taking the time to post. Definitely an exercise in patience! I'm a bone man and I've done two with another on the horizon. One of my favorite mods and when done right, very satisfying.
  10. Nice! Enjoy! He's on my list of want-to-sees. In the mean time I'll have to settle for Dylan in Osaka Monday night and Clapton at Budokan on the 18th.
  11. Cheers Bence and thx for sharing. I guess I've been lucky with both my 2013 and 2014 LP nut replacements. Something I found interesting was where he stated Gibson will cut off the top of the nut and glue a replacement on top. That's exactly what the nut from my 2013 looked like. And it popped out no problem at all. Currently eyeballing replacing the nut on my -335 and will study this video further before proceeding.
  12. She's a beauty alright. But I just bought a house in Vegas for slightly more. Kinda puts things in perspective
  13. Only you can decide whether this is a good trade or not. But since you asked.... ditto what Pippy said. NO.
  14. Great news! You may be guitar-less for the near term but you've rid yourself of a huge headache at the same time. Glad it's working out for you.
  15. Yep, probably happened when you took some tension off of the neck with the down-tune. My ES-355 was shipped to me half-way around the world and showed up in pristine condition and played perfect. Then I changed the strings.... It wasn't practical for me to send it back to the dealer so $400 later and you can't even tell it was ever damaged; and is my favorite guitar. A keeper of course because of the loss of value from having the neck repaired. If making a return to the dealer is an option, that is your best bet. Good luck
  16. Looks familiar: Cracked Neck Get thee to a competent luthier or take it back to where you bought it.
  17. I have an ES-355 and an ES-335. While both will kick out the blues very nicely, the -355 does it just a little bit better. I attribute this to it's Humbuckers, whereas the -335, as a 2015, has Burstbuckers. Before this I believe -335s had Humbuckers. I think you could find a nice, used, older -335 for less than $2,000. Good luck and welcome.
  18. First of all, Digger, very cool thread! Thanks for starting this. It's very interesting to read the varied paths we've all walked over the years. At 55 years young, I consider myself blessed in that I've always managed to do what I love, hence, I haven't spent a whole lot of time "working". My first real job was projectionist at a movie theater while still in high school. Immediately after graduation I embarked upon career number 1: The USAF where I started out as an Aircraft Crew Chief and finished up as a Flight Engineer. After 24+ years, a couple of wars, and a lot of B.S., I had enough and decided it was time for career number 2: Airline Pilot. Had I known it was such a rocky road before hand, I might not have gone down this airline path. During 6 months of near-starvation wages as a flight instructor, I had enough flight hours to apply at a regional carrier. 3 1/2 years later I signed on with a major only to be furloughed 7 months later. After 15 months on the street, I gave up looking for a pilot job and went back to turning wrenches on airplanes. And wouldn't you know, a week later I landed a job interview and was hired by a freight outfit until getting recalled by my airline. I've been back at my airline for 4 years now here on Guam and life's been good. While here I met the love of my life, a beautiful Japanese woman, and were coming up on 3 years of marriage. Thanks to her, I've seen Santana, Clapton, and Meyer in concert and I've discovered my love of guitars... though she does her best to control my GAS I applied for a transfer recently and will be flying international out of San Francisco come April. We're looking to move to the Las Vegas area. Livin' the dream, Mike
  19. I like my guitars to be uniquely mine. I like to tinker as well. I don't do anything that couldn't be restored to stock if I decided to do so. 2014 LP Traditional: Faber USA bridge and tail piece, '57 Classic / Classic + PUs, bone nut, 50s wiring, Schaller strap locks 2014 ES-355: Schaller strap locks, TP-6 stop bar, Faber bridge and tone lock tail piece screws. Tried locking tuners but did not like them. 2015 ES-355: vintage knobs, switch tip from ivory to amber, Schaller strap locks, Faber Tone Lock bridge and tail piece just ordered. Thinking of swapping the Burstbuckers for some '57 Humbuckers and changing the caps to PIOs. The exception: a Taylor 614ce. Stock and will stay that way. It has some interesting marks on the finish that were unacceptable in the Japanese market and make it unique on to itself. Plus, I don't think acoustics should be fooled with (much).
  20. This: Gruv Gear Expensive but worth it.
  21. There is at least one excellent video on YouTube regarding packing a guitar
  22. Bence, I changed the factory nuts to bone on a 2013 Standard and a 2014 Traditional. No they were not epoxied in. Use an x-acto to cut the lacquer around the edges of the nut and a few gentle taps on the side of the nut should break it loose. You may also tap on the back (fretboard side) toward the headstock. Perhaps the ultimate exercise in patience is fitting a nut. Best of luck. Mike
  23. Stop using the Dunlop 65. Use this instead. Bore Doctor I had a similar problem with my -335 and this stuff conditioned the wood nicely.
  24. We saw Chicago in Osaka last month and I initially had reservations about what the show would be like. Four of the original 9 members are still pounding out the notes. When they came out and did the first number my thoughts were, "WTF is this?" as they chose a tune from their new album. Didn't like it at all. Luckily, as the evening progressed, they improved significantly and dug more into the old tunes everyone knows. Over the course of 2 1/2 hours they kept getting better to the point they were bringing down the house with an encore of "25 or 6 to 4". Great show after all. You never know what your going to get with the old shows. Bob Dylan next...
  25. Sorry Denis no. I have nothing to give the rig any justice. There are some good comparisons on YouTube though.
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