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they release these every few years.......


play yours in good health !!




swapped P-180s into mine


As Bender says they have come and gone and it seems they are coming again.


I have one and it is a good guitar.

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Does anyone know if these are available left handed?

Impressed with the tones from this beauty.


Been hunting around on the net. Still none the wiser. I do enjoy the thrill of the chase :)


If Epi doesn't make it in lefty......Agile does occasionally.


yep....currently in stock.....


Agile Lefty P 90 GT

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Yep, love my '56 GT. Not a fan of P-90s though, so I put in a set of Gibson minis. Best move I ever made. Like Bender said, if you can't get a '56 GT, Agile makes them. They are discontinuing the AL-2000s though, so this will be one of the last.




Very nice! That's the same setup as the Gibson LP Deluxe goldtop I just bought. The mini humbuckers have some serious output!

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