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Give My Regards To Epiphone Broadway


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I have long admired the classic good looks of the Epiphone Broadway. On the other hand, I'm a dyed in the wool single coil addict. For example, I love Telecasters and my favorite Gretsch guitars have Dynasonics.

But, I'm very happy with this Broadway. The humbuckers are really good. Lots of gain and full sounding. The neck isn't skinny. It feels good to me and I have big hands. The Broadway is typically described as a "jazz guitar", but it's capable of more. After removing a little bass from my usual BJ III settings, I have a sound that suits classic country and rockabilly just fine. Things like Mystery Train, Matchbox, Hey Good Lookin', That's Alright Mama, etc, really rip. (I do miss a Bigsby.) This guitar is also very loud when played unplugged. Much louder than any Gretsch hollow body I own. The guitar comes strung with Gibson Brite Wire .11's. I like them. I'm sure the guitar would take on a whole new personality if strung with flatwounds. As for now, I like it the way it is. Has anyone else out there had experiences with an Epiphone Broadway?



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Yep --- I have two! My '97 Peerless-made regular Broadway (with Tune-o-matic bridge, L-5 tailpiece and new knobs and switch tip) has flatwounds for the jazz thing, and my Elitist Broadway was Gibson L-5 strings (roundwound) to do pretty much everything.


They sound quite different, but I love 'em both!




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I have one of these, as well as the single pickup regent.


I've got .11 flatwounds on both of them right now, I tend to switch to round wounds once in a while on the broadway.


excellent guitar tho, great bang for the buck value on these. The action on mine is really perfect, it plays like butter.



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