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Trying to figure out if my Epiphone "Special Model" is a fake


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Hello guys!


I know there's a "I.D. your guitar" thread but I'd rather present my "problem" in a separate thread (if it's ok with mods).


Basically, I have a 16+ yrs old Epiphone "Special Model" (purchased in late nineties) and I was wondering if this is a real deal or perhaps a chinese copy (I've read about these lately which is what got me worried).


The guitar is in a pretty bad shape as it was sitting in a storage for years but that shouldn't be much of a problem as I plan on refurbishing it anyway.


On the back of the head it says "USED" and the serial number on this baby is Y6112463.


Here are the pics (thanks in advance!):













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Here is info via Guitar Dater Project site:

Your guitar was made at a factory not yet added to the database

November 1996

Production Number: 2463


Highly unlikely it would be a copy. It is a very low end model, and I just don't think you'd make much with a copy. It probably cost $200 or less brand new. And with it being used, it would have been about 50 bucks cheaper.


Might be good to use as a platform for some extensive modding.

You don't have any pics of the neck. And that would be the one area I would be most concerned about.

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Nothing to worry about, it is genuine. There is no profit in faking low end models as there is no real money to be made there. You will also never see a fake guitar stamped 'USED' or 2ND' on the headstock. Enjoy it and play it till your fingers bleed! [thumbup]

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