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Interesting price


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OK let me try and remember...one of the 1st CAD designed guitars, the pup went from hb to sc or something as you turned it up and they were about £130 (GBP) new back then....

I'd like one!


I'm figuring they were heavy?

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Johnny "Clyde" Copeland was using a similar Peavey back in the 80's and into the 90's. I saw him live and stood about 5' away from him at a live show in a downstairs pub where the stage was simply the floor toward one wall. It was the same venue I played at a few times myself and in this basement their were structural pillars that were supporting the whole building running thru the space and if you got stuck in the wrong place on a croweded night you couldn't see the band. I went on the band side of one of these pillars and leaned against it and nobody asked me to move back so I watch the whole show from about 5' away from Johnny...





Oh, an' I had the utterly blessed privilege to have seen SRV live and in person from 4 rows back at an outdoor amphitheater in 1989...




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No I remember them being thin and compact.


Actually, I thought they were oak. And heavy..... :-k

I just sold a T-40 bass that was easily the heaviest I've owned(minus uprights). It was over 13 lbs!!


Well I am probably wrong....it was a compact guitar though....but then I'm tall..... [biggrin]...

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