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What pedal would help?


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Yeah, I know if you want it to sound like a LP then just USE the LP...



BUT the seedy venue I intend on going to is not a place I wanna take a heavy guitar. Also, if I get held up, I'd rather loose a Mustang and a Pathfinder than an LP.


So, the Pathfinder is a cheap amp, but it sounds cool in terms of punk...I do not kick up the gain much, set the Vol on 10.

Mustang with HB on bridge is set to ten on both tone and volume.


It sounds decent enough, but I was wondering if a pedal would help the tone a bit. I don't want to increase the volume to the point that it distorts more than it already is....pre-crunch is good, but I do want to fatten this up a bit. I figured an overdrive pedal would push the amp past break-up and make it all dirty... a boost pedal is all I can think of to help besides an EQ pedal. Any other ideas? Thinking strings can go to 10s without adjusting the guitar...


BTW, I do not use any other pedals atm. Try to keep it simple though I'd rather add the $50 1lbs pedal than carry a heavier guitar and amp combo to the wrong side of town, lol.


Thanks in advance.

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Hello Izzy!


+1 on Xotic EP Booster.


It also has a fat and a bright switch inside it's case. I have moved them out to the from panel, so I can adjust it anytime easily.


Best wishes... Bence

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I have the TC Electronics Spark Boost........not the mini, and I love it.


Great pedal that can go from fully clean boost to adding a nice chunk of dirt.


Really quite impressed with it.



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All I can add is "best of luck." I've used real Leslie and Leslie emulators and the B3 emulator for blues since the '70s, but in my rock and country era only really the volume pedal - nothing else.


OTOH, I more than certainly know what you're talking about in terms of a questionable gig environment. The advantage to a master volume or volume pedal on guitar/bass used to be that when a fight broke out it was easy to up the volume to cover the sound and venue owners tended to appreciate that.


And... another advantage to a good Fender neck on a solidbody is that it can be used roughly like a bayonet if necessary.



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